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Michael Niccole, Plastic Surgeon, Does Daughter's Boob Job (WATCH)

Sadly, giving plastic surgery as gifts is nothing new. But here's one we never heard before: a dad performing his own daughter's breast enhancement procedure for her 18th birthday.

California-based surgeon Michael Niccole tells ABC's "20/20" that operating on his daughter, Brittani, is really no big deal: "I've done surgery on my other sons, my wife, my cousins, my father, and I feel very comfortable."

He also did Brittani's nose job when she was 21 and regularly injects his other daughter, 23-year-old Charm, with Botox in her armpits -- "so I stop sweating," she says.

The Niccoles' story, as well as Joan Rivers' and a woman who got her boobs done at 83, are part of "The Cutting Edge," a new episode of "20/20" set to air Friday, 10 p.m. EST.

As Barbara Walters informed George Stephanopoulos on "Good Morning America" today, the episode will focus on several "trends," including plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement spanning the generations and what kind of procedures men like to get.

Like we said, mostly nothing new. But we just have to see more of this family surgery situation, in which Dr. Niccole praises his daughter for looking sexy and invites all her friends in for treatments. Family bonding or kind of weird? You decide.


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