Michael Phelps Diet Challenge: Furious Pete, Competitive Eater, Downs All 12,000 Calories (VIDEO)

WATCH: Competitive Eater Tackles Michael Phelps' Daily Diet

When you become the most decorated Olympian in history, like Michael Phelps, you have to expect that people will want to emulate you and your success -- but maybe not quite like this?

America's jaws collectively dropped when Phelps revealed that his training diet consists of 12,000+ calories per day. For most of us, that's three or four days-worth packed into 24 hours. For competitive eater Furious Pete, it sounded like a fun challenge.

If you've ever wanted to see someone eat 12,300 calories in one sitting, you're in luck.

We suppose that Furious Pete could be using clever editing to make it seem that he really ate all this in one go, even if he didn't. But, to be honest, the amount of food that we actually watch him pack into his face on camera is more than we can even fathom -- and we are a notoriously hungry bunch.

In response to some comments on the video questioning the authenticity, Furious Pete explained, "The eat was about 30 minutes. I cut it to 4 minutes so that you wouldn't get bored."

Thanks for taking this one for the team, Furious.

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