Michael Phelps Teaches 7-Month-Old Son Boomer To Swim Underwater

The kid handled it like a champ.

When your dad is swimming’s GOAT, you have to trust him in the pool.

Boomer Phelps, the nearly 7-month-old son of Olympian Michael Phelps, did a fine job of that in a swim lesson with Pop and his childhood teacher, Cathy Bennett.

In a Facebook Live video from Baltimore on Monday, little Boomer spent some of the time tugging at his dad’s beard and looking adorable. But he got down to business when Bennett gently placed him underwater and handed him off to Phelps.

“The process is starting where he gets to become more water-safe and relaxed, comfortable in the water,” Phelps said.

Watch the whole video or check out Boomer’s winning moment beginning at the 7:00 mark (on the right) below. Phelps clearly enjoys being a dad.

We might as well give the tyke an Olympic gold medal right now.



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