Michael Pritchard, Comedian And Educator, Explains How To Combat Bullying In Incredible Speech (VIDEO)

Bullying is nothing to laugh about, but when it comes to talking about the consequences of hurtful words and actions, using humor might be a good place to start.

The above video is one of the most inspiring speeches about bullying we've ever seen, given by actor and comedian Michael Pritchard. It's a clip from the 2011 documentary "Happy" (that has only recently gone viral), showing Pritchard speaking to a group of teenagers in a high school gym.

While the scene starts with Pritchard cracking jokes and poking fun at "teen behavior," the talk soon takes a very somber turn when members of the audience begin to share their own stories about bullying.

"It [life] feels like it shouldn't be this hard. It's just like, every day after school you start crying for no reason," explained a young boy named Ben, who had depression disorder and ADHD.

Despite their heartbreaking personal anecdotes, Pritchard left the students with a positive takeaway.

"Joy comes from that connection to others," he said. "The best thing we can do for a child is to help them learn love."

For more of Pritchard's work, check out his official site.



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