Michael Rachlis' Surprise Proposal To Boyfriend Michael Feldman Goes Hilariously Awry

Michael Rachlis was in for a big surprise when he decided to pop the question to boyfriend Michael Feldman earlier this month.

The pair, who are active in Los Angeles' comedy scene and are sometimes referred to as "Michael-Squared" and/or "The Michaels" by their friends and family, shared the heartwarming video with HuffPost Gay Voices.

Rachlis told The Huffington Post in an email that he'd planned to propose to Feldman during a performance of the original comedy show, "Fairy Tale Theatre: 18 and Over." Having caught wind of Rachlis' idea beforehand, Feldman had a few tricks of his own up his sleeve.

"Irrational or not, we both viewed marriage proposals as a really big life event -- and both wanted the opportunity to profess our love to each other in a really special and surprising way," Rachlis said. "I knew that a comedy stage was a place where we'd be surrounded by people who love and support us, and also a place that is most reflective of our purest forms as weird, neurotic, comically-inclined individuals."



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