Michael Rapaport Drops 24 F-Bombs In Angry Rant Against Coronavirus Revelers

"This nice guy s**t? It’s done," the actor warned in his own take on a coronavirus pandemic PSA.

Public health officials are urging people to remain inside as much as possible to prevent the spread of coronavirus, yet news footage shows crowded parks and beaches in some places.

And actor Michael Rapaport is pretty angry about the whole thing.

Readers be warned: Rapaport’s language is salty.

“Get your fucking ass in the house, you little, selfish motherfucker, you,” he said in a now-viral video.

Spurred by scenes of packed parks, busy streets and crowded beaches, celebrities have been recording PSAs asking people to stay inside to stop the spread of the virus, which has now infected nearly 70,000 Americans and killed more than 1,000.

But Rapaport’s message was the harshest of the bunch.

“Get your little, dirty, fucking grubby, selfish, YOLO fucking dumb tattooed faces in the fucking house,” he said, addressing younger people.

And parents? You’re not off the hook, either.

“Parents, get your fucking kids,” Rapaport said. “This nice guy shit? It’s done. Get your fucking kids in the fucking house.”

See his full message below:

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