Miami Plastic Surgeon Michael Salzhauer Under Investigation For 'Jewcan Sam' Promotion (VIDEO)

A Bal Harbour plastic surgeon is under an ethics investigation by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons after commissioning a band to write a song about "Jewcan Sam," a Jewish teen with a big nose.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, AKA Dr. Schnoz, is offering a free nose job, lodging, and airfare to the person who makes their own video for "Jewcan Sam" and gets the most hits on YouTube, according to his public relations representative Kathryn Kelly.

“I wanted to create something no other plastic surgeon has done before. Rhinoplasty is my favorite and most desired procedure. I found a way to incorporate my work into a fun and creative way to attract more patients," Salzhauer, who is Jewish, said in a press release.

Salzhauer flew The Groggers, a Jewish pop-punk band from Queens, to Miami to film the video. He also offered all band members free nose jobs, but only lead singer L.E. Doug Staiman went through with it, reports ABC News.

I want her, but she don't want what I am
She says you got a beak like Jewcan Sam
She says I only go with guys with perfect upturned noses
So cut yours down to size.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is not pleased, calling the promotion "offensive and inappropriate."

"This is just disturbing that a doctor would play into the frailties of the human condition," ASPS president Dr. Malcolm Roth told ABC News.

The ASPS is investigating Salzhauer under its Code of Ethics. Read more about the controversy at ABC News.

Back in 2008, Salzhauer made headlines for his My Beautiful Mommy book, written to help parents explain their post-op appearance to children.

Salzhauer got a nose job when his daughter was 4 and saw the need for such a kids book, reports NPR.

In My Beautiful Mommy, a mom explains to her daughter, "My nose may look a little different after the operation." When the girl asks why, the mom responds, "Not just different, my dear — prettier!"

In the below video, Salzhauer describes the Rhinoplasty cosmetic procedure:

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