Michael Sam Opens Up About His Triumphs And Disappointments For #IAmUnbroken Campaign

Michael Sam opens up about his tumultuous year as part of a video campaign in support of Angelina Jolie's new movie.

"When I came out several months ago, I thought it would be easy," Sam, who made history as the first openly gay player to be drafted by the NFL, says in the clip. "All I wanted to do was just play football, but it was much bigger than that."

The 2013 SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year and former All-American at the University of Missouri also speaks at length about media reaction to him kissing his boyfriend on live television as well as his disappointment at being released by both the St. Louis Rams and the Dallas Cowboys.

"I'm not afraid to continue on this journey to try to make an NFL team. That is my dream, I am determined to make it to the NFL," Sam adds.

The video is part of Universal Pictures's new #IAmUnbroken campaign, which "invites those from all walks of life to share their stories of triumph," according to press materials.

The initiative is tied with the release of "Unbroken," which Jolie directed. The movie, which is based on the life of Olympian and war hero Louis “Louie” Zamperini, will be released on Christmas Day.

Read more about the #IAmUnbroken campaign here.



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