Michael Savage Dropped From "Flagship" Radio Station

Via ThinkProgress comes the news that San Francisco radio station 910 KNEW has dropped conservative talk-show host Michael Savage from its lineup. KNEW, which was Savage's "flagship station" dropped the righty talker in favor of "John and Ken," who the station manager reliably informs listeners are just as good as "Armstrong and Getty," whatever that means.

I'm going to answer the very first question many of you have.

"Why did you take Michael Savage off the air?"

Here's your no-spin direct answer; we have decided to go in a different philosophical and ideological direction, featuring more contemporary content and more local information. The Savage Nation does not fit into that vision.

You can take a look at KNEW's revised lineup, here. As usual, I'll point out that this has nothing to do with the "Fairness Doctrine."

The San Francisco Chronicle attempted to reach Savage for comment. It went about as well as you might expect:

So we called Michael to ask him what's up. His response: "Why don't you call Mao Zedong? He's your boss."

After we stopped laughing, we called back, noted that Mao is still dead and asked for a call back. Until we get one, we'll be reading our favorite little red book.

Don't worry about Michael -- for those of you who are. Not only are his ratings strong across the country, he's already called at least one San Francisco station Thursday, presumably in search for a new home.

The Savage Nation website alerts listeners in the Bay Area that Michael Savage can still be heard on KSTE 650.

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