Michael Savage Mocks Ted Kennedy, Plays Dead Kennedys Song "In Some Respect" For Cancer-Stricken Senator (AUDIO)

Shortly after Tuesday's announcement that Senator Ted Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor, conservative radio host Michael Savage took to the airwaves to mock Massachusetts Democrat, playing a song by the band the Dead Kennedys "in some respect" for the Senator. Savage also had several "aha!" moments, attributing previous Kennedy actions and statements to the newfound brain tumor, including this off-color remark below:

The poor guy's been suffering for years, you know? Unfairly he's been accused of alcoholism, but we see now that it was something much more deep-seated.


Other lowlights:

No gloating today, no laughter, all serious. You don't joke about a man's cancer. I do it, but I won't do it today; it's something I will not do.

You know I'm playing the Dead Kennedys not to mock Ted Kennedy. It's just appropriate, that's all.

I'm asking you, would a sane nation permit a senile senator to hold his seat?

They've got literally a walking psycho there. And we've known it for years by the things he does. For years now, Byrd has been blubbering on the floor of the Senate. For years, I mean, to be honest, Kennedy didn't seem sane to me. Forget about the drunk stories and all that -- anybody can drink. The guy sounded like he was off for years, I'm sorry.

Audio and lowlights courtesy of MediaMatters. For the full transcript of the Savage Nation, visit MediaMatters here.