Michael Showalter Parodies Brooklyn Parents In 'The Slope' (VIDEO)

Obviously, not everyone in Park Slope, Brooklyn has a kid, and not everyone who has a kid in Park Slope thinks that screaming and running into a traffic is just their child's way of claiming her emotions.

That said, cliches exist for a reason. Which is why we love this episode of "The Slope," featuring Michael Showalter as the prototypical hip, Brooklyn parent.

Let's hope that little Hazel's setback with Baby Alexander Technique doesn't impact her chances for the 2014 Olympics. A gold medal in Curling will look great on a pre-school resume.

"The Slope" follows the relationship of Desiree and Ingrid, a lesbian couple living in Park Slope. Desiree Akhavan & Ingrid Jungermann write, direct, produce and star in the kickstarter-funded web series, which is in its second season.