Michael Steele, Michele Bachmann Join Forces Against ACORN

RNC Chairman Michael Steele is teaming up with Rep. Michele Bachmann, asking Republicans for their help blocking public funding for ACORN, the progressive community organizing group.

Bachmann is sponsoring an amendment that would block some $8.5 billion from being made available to the organization, according to a fundraising email from Steele. The group was a frequent target of Republicans during the 2008 election for its voter registration efforts.

"Over $50 million in federal funding money has found its way into the hands of ACORN's leftist activists over the last several years, but now the Democrats are about to make $8.5 billion more in tax-payer funds available to this radical group," Steele wrote to supporters.

The House blocked a similar amendment of Bachmann's just last week, which would have barred groups facing indictment from receiving public funds.

Bachmann spoke out against funding ACORN in a Thursday morning press conference.

"This is about how Congress spends the people's money in our country and its about the bar that Congress sets for accessing federal funding. The question before us is, it a right that anyone is entitled to or is it a privilege that must be earned?"

Steele urged Republicans to talk to their legislators.

"It's time we told Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama that we won't tolerate using our tax dollars to pay off their electoral support machine. That's why I hope you'll take this opportunity to send Barney and Nancy an eCard to let them know that the Democrats' assault against our free election right to "One Person, One Vote" and the Rule of Law will not be tolerated."

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