Michael Thompson: Notes From a Rock Guitar Giant

Throughout the 90's you would be hard pressed to find at least one tune in the Top 10 that didn't have Michael Thompson playing lead guitar. As one of the most sought after session guitar players in the music business, MT remains in high demand by many of the top music producers in the business today. With a resume that includes: David Foster, Quincy Jones, Babyface, Mutt Lang, Celine Dion, Michael Bolton and hundreds of others, MT should be completely unapproachable, however, just the opposite is true. A musician overflowing with generosity, it is easy to understand why, in addition to his musical brilliance, so many continue to seek out his talent. Scrutinizing Michael and the monstrous success that defines a career that spans over 40 years destroys the myth that obnoxious arrogance is the key to success. On the contrary, MT is about as genuine as they come.

In this Camera Conversation, MT reflects on the drive behind his stellar career and the attraction to creating studio tracks versus performing on the road.