23-Year-Old Councilman Michael Tubbs Will Restore Your Faith In Politicians

This 23-Year-Old Will Restore Your Faith In Politicians

Michael Tubbs, a 23-year-old councilman from Stockton, California, discussed his efforts to bring the impoverished city back from bankruptcy and his work helping its citizens in an interview on HuffPost Live Monday.

Tubbs spoke about bridging the gap between the "narrative around what it meant, what options in life and opportunities there were, but really [there is just] prison and death [in Stockton] ... and the structures in place that make it so that a lot of people don't reach their full potential."

It is with this dichotomy in mind that Tubbs has decided to use his role as councilman to work to "change the structures in this country so that all kids have the ability to reach their potential."

Tubbs is the subject of the documentary "True Son," which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.

Watch the full clip above.

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