Michael Vick A No-Show At Charity Event 'What It Takes'

Vick A No-Show At Charity Event

Michael Vick may have canceled another appearance.

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Ashley Fox reported on Tuesday that the Eagles quarterback didn't show up at a charity event called "What It Takes," which was aimed to "provide mentors for kids at risk of dropping out of high school."

According to the report, Vick's press liaison Chris Shigas said the Pro-Bowler canceled because he had to go to Virginia for family reasons. However, Fox points out that Vick may have simply failed to show up.

Anthony Martin, the man who organized the event, said that he knows Vick "pretty well" and that if he could, he would have been there "for sure."

Vick was scheduled to appear on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on February 24, but canceled a week before due to personal reasons.

There were conflicting reports to why Vick canceled the interview. The Philadelphia Eagles denied a report claiming that the organization "voiced objections" to his appearance on Oprah.

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