Michael Wilson, Gay Librarian, Fired At Shorter University Over Lifestyle Statement

Despite being a tenured librarian, 50-year old Michael Wilson was fired a few weeks after he refused to sign the Shorter University’s new contract which included a lifestyle statement which required all employees to reject homosexuality.

Rome News-Tribute reports that along with the contract, Wilson submitted a letter in which he said:

“Please find enclosed for your reference a copy of my signed employment contract for the 2012-2013 school year; the original document has been submitted to the Provost’s office. As you can see, I have redacted Clause 10; I believe, for reasons that should be obvious, that the provisions therein constitute a grave violation of the principles of academic freedom and tenure, core values in academe that were formerly embraced by the University’s administration.”

Wilson was officially terminated on May 31st, according Save Our Shorter. Twenty days after submitting a signed contract with the particular clause marked out, he received a note by then Shorter University Provost Dr. Craig Shull on May 23rd stating:

“Dear Michael,
Shorter hereby accepts your resignation effective May 31, 2012.
We wish you the best of luck in the future.
Dr. Craig Shull, Provost.”

As he had not resigned, Wilson challenged the claim, saying he had not turned in a resignation but had signed an amended version of the contract.

According to, Shorter University President, Dr. Don Dowless wrote in a letter back to Wilson saying, “Shorter had not received a valid, fully-executed contract for continued employment. Since you have not returned a valid contract, you do not have a contract for the upcoming academic year.”

Wilson’s contract was therefore not renewed and on May 31st after finishing the terms of his previous contract, he officially left Shorter University.

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