Preacher Michael Wilson Calls For Constitutional Amendment That Would Imprison Gays (VIDEO)

WATCH: Preacher Calls For Amendment That Would Sentence Gays To Hard Labor In Prison

Preacher Michael V. Wilson is making the blogosphere rounds after posting a disturbing video of himself calling for gays to be imprisoned and sentenced to hard labor on his website.

“Whereas homosexuality used to be a felony in every state — referred to as sodomy — it has now been decriminalized, and homosexuality is allowed to be openly expressed in public,” he notes in the video, which appeared on his Preaching Politics website in July, Good As You's Jeremy Hooper first reported. “While Christians are becoming increasingly tolerant of homosexuals, homosexuals are becoming increasingly intolerant of us.”

Wilson goes on in the video to note, “It’s time for Christians to resume obeying God and his word, and to re-criminalize homosexuality, outlaw it again. The only way to do this and keep it beyond the reach of activist judges and unaccountable bureaucrats is to create a constitutional amendment.”

Wilson advised listeners to support the new amendment, which would label homosexuality "a felony punishable by 10 years in prison" including hard labor, by writing handwritten notes to their senators and other lawmakers.

"Keep on writing them and calling incessantly," he said. "Make such a pest of yourself that they're willing to do anything just to shut you up."

Wilson has spoken out against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community on a number of other occasions on his website, which includes posts titled "Judge Piazza's Homosexual 'Marriage' Decision is Null and Void" and "Homosexuals And Other Enemies Of God."

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