Brett Ratner Talks Michael Jackson Pranks: Hitting A Homeless Man With Water Balloons

Michael Jackson's Secret Pleasure

Just when you thought there was no story that could top Michael Jackson and Rashida Jones taking a Super Soaker to an line of unsuspecting movie patrons, well, watch out George Clooney, The King of Pop also had a taste for the prank.

Tower Heist director and Oscar-producer-to-be Brett Ratner visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to reminisce about his own Michael "The Prankster" Jackson story.

The director explained that he was sleeping in "The Elizabeth Taylor Suite" when Michael's voice floated in via intercom. Suddenly, his driver (a short Japanese man named Kato, who always donned a tuxedo and hat) appeared and Ratner embarked on a trip he'll never forget.

They ended up at the bathroom of a 7-Eleven convenience store, filling up water balloons with Jackson wearing a Hulk mask. (Can't you just picture it?)

Then they piled into Jackson's absurdly long stretch limo, driving around to find their target: A homeless man walking on the side of the expressway.

Jackson yelled "Kato, hit the brakes!" and nailed him.

And you thought the story about him, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando doing a cross-country survey of KFC and Burger King joints was good.

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