Michaela Angela Davis: 'It's Time For A Badass Woman' To Be President

"Let’s get a badass woman in the White House!”

Michaela Angela Davis recently praised Hillary Clinton in a new video where she said, “It’s time for a badass woman to be the White House.”

The popular commentator and Hillary Clinton supporter applauded first lady Michelle Obama for her work in the White House and listed the Democratic presidential candidate’s numerous accolades in a video, which was published on Vimes Tuesday, all while unapologetically getting her hair braided. 

“[Hillary Clinton] is the first first lady to be elected a public official, the secretary of state when they got Bin Laden’s ass, the first first lady to walk in the gay pride parade, the first American politician to win a grammy,” she said in the video, which was produced by a coalition of creatives committed to electing Clinton. 

But if you didn’t think any of those accomplishments fit the bill for why Clinton should be elected to the presidency, Davis laid out one last indisputable fact: 

“This is the first American woman to be at the top of the ticket of a major party,” Davis said. “So vote, bring your auntie, bring your mama, bring peanut, bring peanut’s girlfriend. Let’s get a badass woman in the White House!”



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