Michaela Coel's Musical Lands Multi-Million Dollar Deal With Netflix

Rising star Michaela Coel. 
Rising star Michaela Coel. 

Michaela Coel isn’t planning to do another season of her hit series “Chewing Gum” anytime soon, but she still has some amazing things in the works. 

Netflix just bought the worldwide rights to a new romantic musical starring Coel opposite actor Arinzé Kene. According to a Screen Daily report posted Thursday, the movie, titled “Been So Long,” was secured by Netflix in a multi-million dollar deal. This reportedly makes it the largest single acquisition of a U.K. film ever by the company. 

Set in London, the film will focus on an unlikely romance between Coel’s character, a single mother of two, and a mysterious stranger (Kene) she meets during a night out in Camden. 

Coel, 29, shot to fame after her series, “Chewing Gum,” found popularity in both the U.K. and the U.S. via Netflix. The British-Ghanaian actress wrote and starred in the series, which debuted in 2016. Coel revealed in August that she has no plans to write a third season of the acclaimed show, and will instead pursue new projects. 

On Aug. 21 she tweeted:

″‘Chewing Gum’ has been amazing but it’s only the begining, more stories to tell, & my latter will be greater.”

If the buzz around “Been So Long” is any indication, Coel’s future projects will definitely be worth the wait.