Michaela Watkins On The 'Myth' Surrounding Female-Driven Shows

Sayin f**k you to sexist executives wasn't always easy for her.

With the influx of female-centered shows like "Girls" and "Broad City," it's hard to imagine a time when powerful women weren't dominating the small screen. However, "Casual" star Michaela Watkins stopped by HuffPost Live to discuss how she struggled to pitch female-driven shows just a few years prior. 

"We heard from a lot of people, 'Really love the script, but you gotta know going into this no one's really interested in female-driven shows,'" she told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.

Watkins believes the recent popularity of streaming shows helped give the women we know and love the platforms they needed. Between Netflix's boundary-breaking "Orange Is the New Black," Amazon's "Transparent," and Hulu's "Casual," shows with female stars are no longer taboo in the entertainment industry. 

"I do feel that streaming has really taken that ball and run with it because they do understand that it's a myth, it's a myth that people aren't interested in female-driven shows," she said.

The Hulu star also reflected on her own "crazy" reaction to the executives who rejected the idea of these shows.

"At the time I went, 'Oh, OK, what a jerk,' in my mind, but I didn't say, 'That's stupid,' I should've said, 'What you're saying is totally stupid.'"

"The fuck you for me always comes way too late. It's usually when I'm driving home or in the shower, and like, 'Oh, fuck you!' I want to make that time shorter between offended and fuck you," she said. 

Watch the full interview with Watkins here.



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