Michaele Salahi Dons Bikini, Denies Anorexia, Reveals Crazy Diet (PHOTO)

Michaele Salahi, of 'Real Housewives of DC' and White House party crashing fame, is once again denying she is anorexic. In this week's In Touch Weekly, Michaele, 44, strips down to a bikini and reveals her non-disordered diet: cereal for breakfast, no lunch and a salad for dinner.

In Touch's press release follows:

Other women on the show have scrutinized your weight.

I'm a skinny girl. I always was. I've never had an eating disorder in my life. And it hurts to be called anorexic.

How do you defend yourself?

Honestly, I can't believe those women have so much time to devote to my weight. If they get out there and move, they will look like me and be thin, and it'll all be good.

What's your diet like?

I start the day with a hot chocolate and cereal -- I love Lucky Charms or Kashi GoLean -- then some fruit. I don't really eat a lot in the middle of the day. I have an early dinner, which is always a salad, with plain chicken, grilled or broiled.

What about plastic surgery -- would you ever do it?

Definitely. I would love to do a whole lot of Botox and maybe get collagen, too. I also think it would be great to have boobs. I'm a B [cup], so I'd get a C. I'm all for anything you can do to make yourself look and feel better.

When would you do it?

Hopefully, within the next six months. But my husband doesn't want me to do my boobs!