Michaele Salahi, Neal Schon Headed To Tampa For Journey Gig

She might not be welcome at the White House after notoriously crashing a state dinner in 2009, but recent divorcee Michaele Salahi confirms that she is going to Tampa, Fla., for the Republican National Convention, where her boyfriend Neal Schon and his band Journey will be performing.

Journey is set to perform Thursday at a private fundraising party for big contributors, a source close to the band tells me. TMZ reported that Journey was offered a whopping $500,000 by Mitt Romney to perform at the event. However, a Romney representative denied the report, saying that the campaign was not sponsoring the show.

Schon was not clear on whether or not Romney's campaign was sponsoring the performance. "I don't know the details, but we were just hired for the event," he told me.

“The band are treating this as another private gig,” one insider said. “Everyone knows that they put on a great live show and it makes perfect sense to invite them to get everyone all pumped up.”

Salahi is already enthusiastic about the gig. "Show is this Thursday. I am there with my beau. I'm so happy," she said, noting that this wasn't an endorsement of Romney. "I love them both [Romney and Obama]."

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