Michel Gondry At Family Bookstore: 'My New New York Diary'

Who: Academy Award-winning writer and director Michel Gondry

What: Gondry will be at the Family Bookstore, signing copies of his latest film/book My New New York Diary.

When: Thursday November 11, 7pm

Where: Family Bookstore, 436 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036

How: The event is free. Family Bookstore kindly offers their email address to those who would like to reserve a signed copy: "if you can't make it and would like a signed copy put aside for you, or would like us to ship you a copy:"

Why: French director Michel Gondry got his start directing music videos for the ethereal Bjork, and his dream-like whimsy carries over to his directed films Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep. In this latest collaboration with graphic novelist Julie Doucet, Gondry and Doucet created a film based on Doucet's comic book art. Gondry then places the "real" Doucet into "a landscape of her own drawings." Family Bookstore has the skinny on the total package that Gondry is signing:

"My New New York Diary contains all of Doucet's drawings for the film, as well as the DVD containing the film itself. Both the film and Doucet's graphic novella are being released only in this deluxe, hardcover volume from PictureBox, which does full justice to the richness and warmth of Doucet and Gondry's collaboration."

For more information, check out the Family Bookstore blog.