Michel Gondry Swedes 'Taxi Driver' (VIDEO)

Michel Gondry is sweding it up again. The French auteur first popularized the sweding of things (see: Swede Fest) with his 2008 film, "Be Kind Rewind," which encouraged the audience to swede their favorite films. What on earth is sweding, you say? How many times can we possibly say swede before telling you what it is? (Six times.) To swede is to create a fan-made, low-budget rethinking of a popular film. It's all about showing your love for a movie you love for people who love it. It does not have to do with Swedish people.

Gondry sweded the trailer of his own film (self-love?), "Be Kind Rewind," back in 2008. This time, he tackles "Taxi Driver," assuming the role of Travis Bickle himself. Gondry's version includes a sweet (sounds like swede!) take on "Are you talkin' to me?", vomit that comes out looking like pastel paint and colored pencil bullets.