If You Order A Michelada, You'd Better Know What Its Name Means

Gimme my cold beer.

When it comes to beer cocktails, Mexico is the master. The nation is responsible for the micheladas that Mexican-American restaurants so often get wrong. (That could be why beer cocktails have not really taken off here yet.)

But in Mexico, where the cocktail is mixed right, it’s one of the most popular drinks. And that sentiment is reflected in the name alone.

What’s in the name?

If you break down the syllables of this beer cocktail, the way it got its name becomes clear. According to Meehan’s Bartender Manual, “The word michelada combines chela (slang for ‘beer’) with ada from helada (‘cold’) with mi (‘mine’), yielding ‘my cold beer.’”

Clearly, there’s affection for this drink when the idea of “mine” is worked into the name.

So, what’s in the drink?

There are many varying recipes for Micheladas, in fact stateside there are even entire bars dedicated to mixing this drink. Beer and lime juice are always part of the mix. Tomato juice, Maggi Seasoning (a soy sauce-like sauce that contains MSG), Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce are also often added to the cocktail. And a salt and chili powder combo often lines the rim of the drink. Bon Appetit has a recipe that swears will convert all the haters.

So, how do YOU make it?

With this video we have for you right here by Tasting Table. They have a unique method for making the michelada, using pureed fresh salsa in place of tomato juice. Watch:

Whichever recipe you choose, just make sure you try it this summer. This spicy beer cocktail will refresh you on the hottest of days (because remember, spicy foods actually cool you down).


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