Michele Bachmann Describes Herself As Bipartisan, 'Independent Voice' In Campaign Ad

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) describes herself as a bipartisan "independent voice" in a pitch to voters in a campaign ad.

The characterization comes despite the fact that the Minnesota congresswoman has defined her political career with staunchly conservative positions and has a penchant for using inflammatory rhetoric to attack President Barack Obama's policies.

In 2010, Bachmann warned that passing health care reform legislation would amount to "gangster government." Last year, she criticized the president's reform package as "the crown jewel of socialism."

Bachmann, who founded the House Tea Party caucus and made an unsuccessful bid for the GOP presidential nomination earlier this year, went as far as to call the president "anti-American" four years ago.

Bachmann tells voters in the ad released by her campaign, however, that she's been "an independent voice working for you, to create jobs and accomplish great things for our part of the country."

The Republican lawmaker is running for reelection against Democratic challenger Jim Graves in Minnesota's sixth congressional district. Reuters reports that Bachmann has outspent Graves in the contest by a margin of 12 to 1, but still faces a tough fight to keep her seat.

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