Michele Bachmann Campaign Offers Fleece Jacket For 2012 Donation

With winter just around the corner, Michele Bachmann is doing everything in her power to help prospective voters brave the elements.

The Minnesota congresswoman's campaign sent an email to supporters Wednesday with the subject line: "Can I send you a fleece?" Those willing to donate $75 or more to her presidential run will be sent a conservative layer against the cold.

National Journal obtained a copy of the message, which conjures picturesque visions of fall weather.

It is hard to believe that November is just a week away and winter is just around the corner. As the sun begins to set earlier and the air has that wonderful autumn crisp in it, our campaign would like to offer you an exclusive way to show your support.

We have designed a "Bachmann for President" fleece jacket to offer you as a special gift if you make a donation of $75 or more to my campaign today. This is an exclusive fleece you can wear throughout the fall to show you stand for constitutional conservative values and support our campaign for President.

Bachmann's "constitutional conservative values" clothing offer comes at a time when her 2012 campaign is struggling. After picking up some August momentum with a win at the Ames Straw Poll, a difficult fall season has erased any gains. Last Friday several Bachmann New Hampshire staffers decided to leave the campaign. Back in September two key faces -- campaign chief Ed Rollins and his deputy, David Polyansky -- stepped down from top roles.

Bachmann isn't the first candidate to infuse fashion into campaign fundraising. Back in August, former GOP presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty offered his supporters a more athletic item through his campaign website:

Back by popular demand, we are giving you another opportunity to show your support for Gov. Pawlenty with a $100 donation to get your own personalized hockey jersey! The hockey jerseys will be available for a limited time - until midnight on August 12.

Your support goes a long way to make sure the governor does well at the Ames straw poll and beyond. Thank you.

There wasn't much popular demand for the jerseys -- or for Pawlenty, apparently. The candidate finished third in Ames, and two days after the deal expired he dropped out of the race.

A Fox News poll released on Thursday shows Bachmann at the back of the pack holding three percent of the vote. But if this jacket deal has the same success as Old Navy's classic 1998 'Performance Fleece' campaign, there might be hope for a turnaround.

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