Michele Bachmann Talks 2012 Endorsement

Michele Bachmann has not endorsed a GOP candidate, but she says she will when the time is right.

"I will when it looks the most opportune time to draw our party together and expand to get crucial independents and Democrats we need to be able to win in November," she said on CNN's "The Situation Room" Tuesday.

Bachmann, who dropped out of the GOP primary race in January, said that Republicans need to coalesce around a candidate and she will back the eventual nominee.

"At this point, we would be better off if we could unify around a candidate, whoever that candidate may be," she said. "I will back whoever the people choose. But I think it's important for us to unify and unify quickly."

Hours after Bachmann's interview aired, Mitt Romney handily won the Illinois primary, claiming a majority of the state's 69 delegates.