Michele Bachmann Income Tax Plan: Everyone Should Pay Two Happy Meals' Worth (VIDEO)


Michele Bachmann defended her plan to extend federal income tax to everyone, even if they pay as little as $10 per year.

She said the current system, under which 47 percent of people pay federal income taxes, is unfair because even those who do not pay federal income taxes benefit from the government. The 47 percent figure applies only to federal income taxes, not state income taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes and other local taxes.

"Even if it means paying the price of two Happy Meals a year, $10, everyone can afford to pay at least that," she said.

Bachmann said the current tax code will not help to create jobs, adding a jab at Obama's political adviser David Axelrod.

"President Obama's plan for job creation has absolutely nothing to do with the true people who know how to create jobs," she said. "He should really be going to job creators if he wants to know how to create jobs. Instead, he continues to go to General Axelrod in Chicago to look for his orders on how to deal with the economy."

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