Michele Bachmann: Having 28 Kids In My House Creates 'More Order'

As she nears closer to her retirement from Congress, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is taking time to reflect on life at home.

In an interview with Hallmark Channel's "Home and Family" that's set to air Monday, Bachmann opens up about what it's like to having 28 kids in her family -- five biological and 23 from foster care.

"This is really what I wanted more than anything, was to be a happy mom in a big house," Bachmann said. "That's what I wanted -- just to have a house full of kids."

When asked if she lost her identity having that many children around, Bachmann said otherwise, arguing that "the more you have, actually the more order you have in your house." Among the biggest benefits: thanks to a buddy system she sets up with the kids, Bachmann says her whole house can get cleaned in 20 minutes.

Watch the interview above.



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