Michele Bachmann's Encounter With Young LGBT Activist Elijah: Was It Appropriate? (POLL)

POLL: Should Elijah's Mother Have Allowed Her Son To Address Michele Bachmann?

Michele Bachmann may have been left speechless after her awkward encounter with young LGBT rights activist Elijah last week, but others have seized the opportunity to sound off on the incident.

Not only did YouTube video of the encounter elicit more than its share of impassioned responses, but now, famed sex columnist and LGBT activist Dan Savage, who also has an adopted son, has criticized the woman seen in the video, presumably the 8-year-old boy's mother, for permitting the child to address the GOP candidate in such a fashion.

"It's a credit to our side that this sort of thing -- a gay parent pushing a child into the face of a hater like Bachmann -- is so rare that this video shocks the conscience," he writes on his blog. "We shouldn't use our kids like this. Even if one of our kids wants to be used like this—even if our kid is a precocious little 8-year-old a**kicker who want nothing more than to get all up in Michele Bachmann's crazy face (and that's not how this kid comes across) -- we need to exercise sound parental judgment and tell our kids, 'No, honey, not now. Maybe later.'"

What do you think?

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