Michele Bachmann Ranks On 'The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People' (PHOTOS)

Michele Bachmann may have ducked out of the presidential race long ago (and oh, how we've missed her) but she's still coming out swinging in the battle for Washington D.C.'s "Most Beautiful People."

The 56-year-old representative from Minnesota has ranked #10 on "The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People," an unscientific list of attractive D.C. dwellers compiled by The Hill. A news source written for and about D.C.'s policy influencers, The Hill has compiled its ninth annual "hot" list filled with 20- and 30-somethings, idealistic young'uns with smooth faces and nary a gray hair (yet).

Yet Bachmann, with her heavy makeup and old-school hair, is on there too, smiling alongside a 25-year-old former male model and a 27-year-old referred to as "the Capitol Hill Kardashian."

The Hill points out that during her run at the Republican presidential nomination, Bachmann upped her style game with her impossibly bouncy hair, the clickity-clack fake nails and the intense makeup (done, the Hill notes, by Fox News Channel makeup artist Tamara Robertson).

But Bachmann is not the only over-40 face on The Hill's Most Beautiful list. 65-year-old Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.), 62-year-old Ron LeGrand and Jessica Imotichey, born "in the early to mid-1970s," all get a nod.

Of course we're still partial to Reggie Love, winner of HuffPost Style's own "White House's Hottest" List, compiled back in 2009. Three years later and we've still got a major crush.

Check out the full list at and for kicks, check out the now sooooo old "White House's Hottest" list featuring Love, Rahm Emanuel and Timothy Geithner. Those were the days.

See some (very) close-up pics of Michele Bachmann:

Michele Bachmann

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