Michele Bachmann: Nancy Pelosi Was Trying To 'Incite Something' Before Health Care Vote (VIDEO)

Michele Bachmann: Nancy Pelosi Was Trying To 'Incite Something' Before Health Care Vote (VIDEO)

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) accused Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week of trying to "incite something" by choosing to walk through a Tea Party rally being held outside the U.S. Capitol on the day health care reform passed last month.

"Remember when Speaker Pelosi walked arm-in-arm in a civil rights march across Independence Avenue from the House buildings over to the Capitol," Bachmann told Sean Hannity in a Fox News appearance Thursday. "In three years I have never seen Nancy Pelosi cross the street the way that you saw in that picture. They deliberately went through that crowd perhaps to try and incite something,"

Despite this claim, Bachmann still isn't buying the contention that protesters hurled racial slurs hurled during the demonstration.

Bachmann continued: "There were so many cameras there Sean, no one recorded any racial motivation, and everything we've heard in the last week has had a racial tinge coming out of the Democrats' mouth and there hasn't been any racial activity."

Over the past few weeks, Bachmann has argued repeatedly that the Tea Party is being unjustly smeared by the media and Democrats.

In an interview with conservative radio host Scott Hennen last week Bachmann said: "The media wants you to believe that tea party patriots are toothless hillbillies...This is a very sophisticated crowd. And then these charges from Democrats that they were spit upon, that there were racial epithets -- there's no one who saw anything."

Watch video of Bachmann's Fox News appearance:

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