Michele Bachmann Trolls Hillary Clinton’s Lack Of Subway Skills

She took a shady swipe.

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) on Friday poked fun at Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton for not properly swiping her MetroCard while trying to ride the New York City subway.

Bachmann posted a video to her Twitter account that threw shade at Clinton, who had to swipe her MetroCard five times on Thursday while trying to get through the turnstile at the 161st Street station at Yankee Stadium.

“I know you had a tough time, Hillary, trying to figure out how to do the subway system even though you were the U.S. senator from New York," Bachmann says in the video.

She then effortlessly swipes her card and pushes through the turnstile before saying, “Just that easy, just that quick."

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