Michele Bachmann: Obama Led Spending "Orgy," Government "Spent Its Wad" (VIDEO)

Michele Bachmann: Obama Led Spending "Orgy," Government "Spent Its Wad" (VIDEO)

Rep. Michele Bachmann is on a roll. Less than a week after suggesting a link between the swine flu outbreak and Democratic control of the U.S. government, the Minnesota Republican penetrated a heretofore unseen zone of weirdness and accused the Obama administration of premature fiscal ejaculation.

On Saturday, May 2, Bachmann delivered a rally speech in which she said the administration had engaged in an "orgy" of spending and that the government "spent its wad" too early. The previous administration, she noted, hadn't spent its wad until early August.

"During the last 100 days we have seen an orgy. It would make any local smorgasbord embarrassed," Bachmann said. She then told the crowd that April 26 was National Debt Day, which conservatives commemorate as the moment government spending outpaces revenue. As Bachmann explains, "The government spent its wad by April 26. Every dime government spends after April 26 throughout the rest of this fiscal year is borrowed money."

WATCH (orgy talk starts at 3:30):

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