Michele Bachmann: Obama Makes 'Jimmy Carter Look Like A Rambo Tough-Guy'

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) launched a verbal assault on President Obama this weekend, claiming that his foreign policy stance was so weak that it made "Jimmy Carter look like a Rambo tough-guy."

At a Tea Party event in the key primary state of South Carolina, Bachmann, who has been floated as a potential 2012 candidate, but said recently that she wouldn't make any final decisions until this summer, offered her biting analysis of Obama's handling of foreign affairs.

"Our Peace Prize-winning president is very busy bowing these days to kings. He is bending down to dictators, and he is brown-nosing the elites that are in Europe, and he's babying the jihadists who are following Sharia-compliant terrorism. He is callow and confused and inconsistent in his response to the Egyptian crisis, and to the uprisings in Iran, and to the terrorist threats," Bachmann said, according to the Spartanburg Herald Journal. "And he's accomplishing something nobody thought even possible: He's making Jimmy Carter look like a Rambo tough-guy."

Bachmann famously worked on Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign in the 70s, during her time as a college Democrat. Since her political transformation, however, Bachmann has happily taken the accepted conservative position and adopted Carter as a symbol of Democratic weakness.

Last year, however, she claimed that President Obama was even worse than Carter, making him the worst president in United States history.

Among her reasons: Obama once bowed before the king of Saudi Arabia.