Michele Bachmann: Obama 'The Most Dangerous President We've Had On National Security'

Bachmann Reveals Why Obama's 'The Most Dangerous President'

Michele Bachmann said news of Obama's "kill list" and alleged "Terror Tuesday" meetings at the White House are more reasons why he is "the most dangerous president."

In an interview with Meghan McCain for the Daily Beast, Bachmann shared her thoughts on Obama's "absolutely shocking" national security actions:

"I think the most obvious is that no president has ever revealed the methodologies we use, particularly in the case of bin Laden two week ago, when he was revealing even more of our national security secrets. Then we find out David Axelrod is in the White House on what they call “Terror Tuesdays,” in which they choose who they are going to kill today from the terrorist list. This is absolutely shocking, and here is the president beating his chest and trying to take advantage of that by going to The New York Times. Plus, the fact that we learn the president has been ordering censoring of government documents. He’s been purging the FBI files of anything that could be considered anti-Islamic. These decisions aren’t making us safer; they’re making us more vulnerable, and I am very concerned."

This isn't the first time the Minnesota congresswoman has criticized the president on foreign policy. Before she ended her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in January 2012, Bachmann said "Obama is allowing terror suspect groups to write the FBI's terror training manual."

Bachmann has a long history of attacking Obama. In April, she sparked criticism when she said the president was "waving a tar baby in the air" with his proposal to curb oil speculation amid high energy prices.

Bachmann has also criticized the president for banning waterboarding, becoming a "health care dictator" for women and for proposing a deficit reduction plan that would "ruin" the U.S. economy.

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