Late Returns: God Gives Bachmann The All-Clear


Apparently, Michele Bachmann is now confirming that she has received the long-awaited go-ahead from the Lord on her presidential run. Per Eric Kleefeld, she revealed that she had received His blessing in an interview with Iowa Public Television:

Henderson: You recently referenced your Christian faith. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, when he announced he would not run, said that he just didn't feel called to do that. Have you had that sort of calling to run for president?

Bachmann: Well, every decision that I make I pray about as does my husband and I can tell you, yes, I've had that calling and that tugging on my heart that this is the right thing to do and because it's such a momentous decision, not only for myself, my husband and our 28 children, it is a momentous decision.

You can watch the entire interview, here. And let's just remember that God created the platypus and "works in mysterious ways" before we all go changing religions, okay?

Iowa Republicans are feeling disrespected, and New Hampshire Republicans are making fun of them in newspapers. The only thing that can restore the Iowa GOP's self-esteem, apparently, is for Mitt Romney to visit them. Though it should be noted that Iowa's therapist has asked Iowa to "take some time and reflect upon the actions it may have taken" to reduce itself to this lowly state, adding, "be sure to set up an appointment next week with Mary Jo at the front desk, and keep writing in your dream journal, even if it's mostly about ethanol subsidies." [Washington Post]

Apparently, at some point in the future, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump will meet one another, have a meal, and then, presumably, form some sort of reality television version of Voltron. That's all! I just sort of wanted in on the SEO gold represented in the combination of the names "Sarah Palin" and "Donald Trump," like everyone else. Carry on with your lives! [Politico]

It seems that Mitt Romney is a fan of Twilight, the four-book saga in which a young woman weakly mopes over a pair of supernatural beings, eventually giving birth to the child of one of them in horrifying fashion. It will eventually come out that Romney was on "Team Jacob" for a long time before pretending he was always on "Team Edward." [Alyssa Rosenberg @ ThinkProgress]

Glenn Thrush and Byron Tau report that Obama's "secret weapon" in Florida will be running against Rick Scott, the grifter-governor that Floridians voted for in 2010 and are now learning to despise. I still think there's still a good chance that Obama will have to wait in line behind Florida Republicans, who may as well also "run against Rick Scott." [Politico]

Here is a headline that may lead you to believe that Herman Cain went to Iowa and did some heroin until you read a little further. [Taegan Goddard's Political Wire]

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