Michele Bachmann Romance Novel Author Talks To HuffPost Live

Did Michele Bachmann Get Her Own '50 Shades Of Grey'?

Politics and romance novels might just make sexy bedfellows. Tréy Sager, author of "Fires of Siberia," joined HuffPost Live Wednesday to explain why writing a bodice ripper based on controversial congresswoman Michele Bachmann made perfect sense.

"She has such publicly acknowledged sex appeal, and she's this very enigmatic figure, I thought, what better place to explore these intense feelings that the culture has about her than in a romance novel?" Sanger also discussed how the book wasn't just about Michele -- her real-life husband Marcus was also an inspiration.

"As a culture, we are really interested in Marcus Bachmann and Michele Bachmann's sex life -- what's happening in their bedroom? Whole tropes exist on the internet about his sexuality."

If you're ready for more Bachmann-inspired action, "Fires Of Siberia" releases on June 1st.

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