Michele Bachmann: Rush Limbaugh Controversy 'Overkill'

Michele Bachmann has broken her silence on the Sandra Fluke controversy, comparing Rush Limbaugh's "slut" comments to remarks a man made about her during her presidential campaign.

"I think when you see the overkill that's being done against Rush Limbaugh and then you see the comments that were said about me and absolutely no response whatsoever, there's no comparison here," she said on CNN Wednesday.

Bachmann went on to blame the liberal media for magnifying Limbaugh's comments while the man who tweeted about a desire to sodomize her was basically ignored.

"So, why is it that there is outrage when it is an issue on the left, but there's zero outrage on the right," she said. "To me, it doesn't matter whether a woman is a Republican or Democrat or whether she's liberal or conservative. This sort of violent talk should not be acceptable for anyone.”

The Minnesota congresswoman failed to draw a distinction between Limbaugh, a radio personality who made the comments on his own show, and her harasser, a private citizen.

Bachmann refused to comment on the controversy when pressed by CNN on Tuesday.

"He's taken care of the issue," she said before dismissing the incident as a "little, pinprick issue."

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