Michelin Guide 2012 USA: Winners And Losers In New York, Chicago & San Francisco

All The Winners & Losers In This Year's American Michelin Guides

On Tuesday, Michelin released the 2012 Red Guide to Chicago restaurants, with a whole fleet of upgrades and downgrades, bringing the fall restaurant guide season to a close. There are just three city-specific Michelin guides for the entire United States -- whereas countries like Spain, Switzerland and France are completely covered by the guide. (This helps explain the underrepresentation of U.S. cities in HuffPost Food's lists of the most Michelin-starred cities and small towns in the world.) For a couple years, Michelin also covered Los Angeles and Las Vegas, in a combined guide, but those days are over.

Still, the three American guides do cover what are possibly the most important restaurant scenes in America. So it's worthwhile to take the time to see who won and who lost in this year's batch of red guides. For the full scoop, click through the slideshow below.

New York City Losers

Michelin US Winners And Losers 2011

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