ESPN's Michelle Beadle Speaks Out Against Victim-Blaming, Calls Out Stephen A. Smith

Michelle Beadle works at ESPN, but she didn't let that stop her from denouncing inflammatory on-air remarks about domestic violence made by a colleague on the sports media behemoth's "First Take" debate program. Like many, the host of "SportsNation" was outraged by the comments made by panelist Stephen A. Smith on "First Take" on Friday morning in relation to the suspension of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. One day after the NFL announced that Rice would be suspended for two games and fined following his arrest in February for allegedly striking his then-fiancee during an altercation, Smith referenced "the elements of provocation" that victims of domestic violence should be mindful of when dealing with abusers.

Beadle took to Twitter to speak out against victim-blaming and to call out Smith for his statements.

A short while later, Smith responded to the outrage sparked by his comments, referencing Beadle's criticism along the way. Long before offering any sort of apology, Smith let his Twitter followers know that he was ANNOYED (emphasis his) and reiterated many of his earlier comments. He seemed to be blaming those who took offense to his comments for misconstruing his words.

While not addressing his comments directly, Beadle reaffirmed her tweets with one message shortly after Smith's rebuttal ended.