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How Michelle Duggar, Mom Of 19, Finds Time For Herself

"Me time" isn't easy to come by when you're raising a kid. So, multiply that by 19... how does Michelle Duggar do it?

She carves out her own nightly quiet time.

"I think that when you try to keep life simple, [especially] when they're young, really try not to stretch yourself out too thin," she told Nancy Redd in an interview with HuffPost Live. "And then as time goes on, I think you'll find, like, I know for me, my evening time was my quiet time. I loved that time when I got everyone to bed and I could just have quiet time."

During that time, she reads the Bible, listens to soft music, or simply just enjoys the quietness.

But, she admits, it hasn't always been that easy. "I remember just nursing babies and being up at night and being exhausted during the day," she said, "trying to keep up with laundry and dishes and schoolwork and all of those details of life."

You can watch Michelle Duggar juggle daily life on TLC's "19 Kids And Counting," returning April 1st.

Watch the rest of the Duggar family's interview with HuffPost Live below:

The Duggars