Michelle Knight's Heartfelt Note To Cleveland Police And Other Thank You Notes To Cops (PHOTOS)

Yesterday the Cleveland Police's Second District used Facebook to share kidnap victim Michelle Knight's touching thank you note.

"Little treasures like this mean a great deal to some of us that have been involved with these young women," read the post.

Knight's note made us think of other heartwarming notes that have gone out to our oft-maligned police force.

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings in April, for example, elementary students at the Lincoln School in Brookline, Mass., reached out to local law enforcement to thank them for the incredible job they'd done protecting their city.

The Brookline Police Department published a Facebook album of some of the letters they received, writing, "A few of the kids have expressed interest in becoming police officers someday, and to them we say we really look forward to working with you!"

In San Angelo, Texas, an anonymous citizen left a note on a Patrol Supervisor's windshield, and the police department posted it on Facebook asking others to share it in an attempt to find the thankful party.

When a flood of support came in for the victims of last December's school shooting in Newtown, Conn., volunteers stepped up and spent hours responding to the more than 175,000 letters and cards with handwritten thank yous.

newtown letters

When a little girl's Minnie Mouse bike in Oxnard, Calif., was reported stolen, Officer Michael Kohr showed up the very next day with a brand new one.

The girl's mother posted a photo on Facebook of the two together, along with this cheerful thank you:

Yesterday morning on my way to take my daughter Bella on a bike ride, to our dismay we realized her cherished Minnie Mouse bike that Santa brought her had been stolen, along with our jogging stroller... This afternoon I received a call from Officer Kohr that he was on his way with a brand new Princess bike. He not only surprised her with a bike that is her favorite color featuring her favorite princess he took the time to teach her how to ride it. This is kindness and selflessness at its finest. This officer went well above his call of duty and took the time to make a little girls day. I can not fully express how grateful I am. He has left such an impression in our hearts, and am thoroughly impressed with his generosity. Thank you once again Officer Kohr.

michael kohr

But one of the most well-known thank you's to police came from Martin Luther King Jr. in 1965, who reached out to the officer assigned to protect him in Philadelphia, Sgt. James Adair. AP reported that the letter went up for sale in April for $10,500.

martin luther king letter

How about we all remember to thank our local police officers today?



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