Michelle L'Amour, Chicago Burlesque Star, Internet Famous With 'Butthoven's 5th' (NSFW VIDEO)

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A Chicago burlesque performer's cheeky take on a Beethoven classic is earning her a much-deserved moment in the Internet spotlight.

A video of Michelle L'amour's "Butthoven's 5th Symphony" -- performed sometime, somewhere last year -- has been picked up by a number of blogs and video sites and given a new life via a curious new title: "How the 1% twerk."

This is a hypnotic performance we can truly get behind.

L'amour is no stranger to Internet fame, it should be noted. A YouTube video of her "Knight Rider" performance featured on "America's Got Talent" in 2006 has been viewed nearly 650,000 times.

Kudos to a truly talented Chicago gal, who performs next in the city at Everleigh Social Club for a special Halloween edition of "Naked Girls Reading" titled, what else?, "Naked GHOULS Reading," a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock. Her calendar is also packed with other engagements elsewhere.

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