Michelle Obama's Bangs At G8 Summit Spark Twitter Backlash (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Michelle Obama's Bangs Spark A Major Backlash

It's official: Michelle Obama's bangs are the most contentious global issue ever.

The first lady and her fringe headed to Belfast for this year's G8 summit, where she made a speech that sparked mass Twitter debate. Onlookers weren't concerned with the language Mrs. O used at the event, but rather the ill-received styling of her bangs. Yup, we're still not done talking about those.

As you surely know, FLOTUS seems to be growing out her blunt trim (aka her "mid-life crisis") and transitioning it to a side-swept style. The savvy folks over at the Daily Mail, however, noticed that people on Twitter weren't too thrilled with Obama's new look. The hashtag #bangsfail was even used -- ouch.

Our verdict? Well, we can't really see what all of the hullaballoo is about. Check out Michelle's bangs and the reaction tweets below and tell us: Are they really that bad?

The bangs in question:

michelle obama bangs

The Twitter responses:

Somewhere Karl Lagerfeld is smiling in his sunnies right now...

Don't worry, FLOTUS, we think you always look great:

March 2005

49 Of Michelle Obama's Best Looks

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