Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton Ahead Of Barack Obama In Popularity (POLLS)

Two new polls out this week show that both former President Bill Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama are enjoying higher favorability ratings than President Obama, himself.

A Gallup poll released on Thursday indicates that 61 percent of Americans say they have a favorable opinion of Clinton while 52 percent viewed Obama in a favorable light.

CNN reports that this is the first time in Gallup polling that Clinton's favorability rating significantly exceeded Obama's.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama continues to hold higher favorability ratings than her husband, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday.

Fifty-five percent of Americans view Mrs. Obama favorably compared to 49 percent who have a favorable view of the president -- his lowest ratings since taking office in 2009.

Despite the First Lady's many public appearances the poll found that 23 percent of Americans still said they had not heard enough about Mrs. Obama in order to have an opinion.

The Gallup poll was conducted July 8-11, with 1,020 adults and had a 4 percentage point margin of error. Quinnipiac University conducted its poll July 13-19, 2010 with 2,181 registered It had a 2.1 percentage point margin of error.