Michelle Obama Reveals The Dating Advice She Gives To First Daughters

Michelle Obama sat down with ABC News' David Muir amid her South Africa trip to talk about meeting Nelson Mandela, the possibility of four more years in the White House and watching her daughters become women.

She said, "I look at them in the same way and think, wow, you guys have grown up, and you're so poised, and you're so sweet. So there's that motherly side of me. But it's still always a balance between protecting them, but giving them experiences to travel." And when shown a clip of her youngest reading The Cat in the Hat on Wednesday, she remarked, "Yeah, Sasha's got a little flavor."

And then, there's this...

Muir: What advice will you give to your girls when they fall in love?

Michelle: Choose people who will lift you up. Find people who will make you better.

Muir: You said the president has made you better.

Michelle: Yes. I haven't told him that so now it's on the record, so he's going to bring that up whenever I'm mad at him.

WATCH a clip below. For the full video, head over to ABCNews.com.