Michelle Obama Repeats A Mildly Controversial Dress -- And It Still Looks Great (PHOTOS)

Michelle Obama Repeats A Controversial Dress -- And It Still Looks Great

Michelle Obama's not afraid to tackle style controversies head-on, even calling out her own fashion faux pas. She's also fearless when it comes to taking criticism... and completely ignoring it.

When the first lady initially wore a two-toned, sparkly Jason Wu dress during this year's State of the Union address, critics were quick to joke that she was inappropriately dressed for the occasion. "Michelle Obama is in a stunning dress but appears ready for a cocktail party rather than a speech," Carol Joynt, Editor at Large for The Washingtonian, tweeted.

It looks like Mrs. O didn't seem to mind the jokes. She opted to wear the dress, sans bangs and Alexis Bittar pin, again last night for the Presidential Medal of Freedom presentation ceremony. We'd say the wine-colored frock looked even better in its second, pared-down iteration.

As for Twitter? We'll take the radio silence this time around as a sign of approval.

Michelle wearing the dress last night:



Michelle wearing the dress at the 2013 SOTU:

michelle obama state of the union dress 2013

michelle sotu

It's been a good year...

October 31

Michelle Obama: 2013 Fashion Vault

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